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VA, remote Access (RA) Information and Media Portal First

VA, remote Access (RA) Information and Media Portal Access

- First Time User Downloads, Login using Windows Credentials, Login with your. Choose this option if you are a new user (or setting up a new. Close all the browsers, open a new browser session and verify. The way I connect is via a federal standard. Long story short: It works to get past the VPN gateway but throws the same no valid certificates found error when trying to login to the Windows desktop via a Citrix Receiver client.

Where does one actually access cprs from home?

- I ve set up, vA home access from the, vA with the mobile pass option. The thing is, I can t find the website you re supposed to use to actually access the. Choose the correct CAG guide. A perfect example of this is m and m the site that I turned to first when looking for Oosemite PIV/smartcard status info. This was not something I needed to do on OS.7.7 with the open source smart card software stack. Using PIV smart cards with Mac OS.10 Yosemite.

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- (Macintosh, Linux or Windows). Information Portal is located at: https raportal. For issues with access please contact your. My Gear, getting the PIV card to work.10 Yosemite. Hardware Requirements: VGA or svga video adapter with color monitor Windows-compatible sound card for sound support (optional) For network connections to the server farm, a network interface card (NIC) and the appropriate network transport software To utilize the Citrix.

Instructions to Install citrix

- VA, poC or call the DOM Helpdesk. The VA provides a Software Download at: https rescue. Scroll down to the section labeled SMC PIV. 1 2011 Connecting Remotely via the Citrix Access Gateway (CAG) Version.0 * The CAG is intended for users with OE equipment only. When Im trying to physically enter a building the PIV card is my secure photo ID badge (with backup biometrics and fingerprints stored o it) when I try to enter a US Government network virtually the same PIV. GOV networks and infrastructure.

VA, citrix Server Department of Medicine

- Users and follow the. Users with GFE must still use. Rescue as their, vPN solution. Keychain Assistant helpfully throws up the red text saying: This certificate was signed by an unknown authority. Verify your reader works, attach your reader, use the Obout this Mac - System Report function to verify that your computer and OS actually see and recognize a smart card device: Buy and install the PKard software. Im going to keep researching this and will keep an eye on the state of open source / free smart card services for Yosemite.10.

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- The Security section, you should see Use TLS.0 verify the option is checked Add. Using PIV smart cards for HHS VPN login with Mac OS.10 Yosemite. Go to: http rescue. Two-factor authentication is achieved by having to punch in a PIN code when my certs are presented to the remote system. I've set up VA home access from the VA with the mobile pass option.

Oosemite does not trust the Certificate Authorities that signed my PIV card certificates. Manually install the Citrix Online Plug-in: Go to in the Left navigation pane, mouse over 'Media' select 'Citrix Media' select the plug-in compatible with your Operating System OR Got to select Client Center select your Operating System download and install. I removed screenshots showing the portal site I was logging into out of paranoia so I cant show examples of successful logins. CAC cards carried by military members that are often required for secure web browsing and access to military resources In fact, when searching the internet for PIV assistance you will find that some of the best help resources are coming from the military CAC-user community. (Normally visn 11 will utilize the east gateway). Longer term I want this issue to go away. Using PIV smart cards for HHS VPN login with Mac OS.10 Yosemite. When you are finished working, click on Start, Logoff. Your PIV card is inserted in the card reader. Manual installation instructions can be found in the Troubleshooting section of this document). Resolution 3: Enable TLS version.0. Once you connect you ll see a desktop that looks something like this: Click on the Remote Desktop link and enter vhaannhsrd in the Computer box and click Connect. Still consider the Centrify software if you dont want to spend. 4 The 1st time you connect, you may be prompted to install the Citrix Client. This may not be an issue for an upgraded system but on my brand new laptop my host OS was missing the intermediate certificate trust chain. Its a very slick and interesting system. Click here for instructions. Resolution 2: (a) See Supported Operating Systems for Citrix Access Gateway in Appendix A (b) Uninstall the current version of the Citrix online plug-in and re-install. However, on my older laptop my PIV card credentials were transparently passed onto the Windows OS as well and I was not prompted for a second login.

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