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- Huawei AnyOffice VPN is a Shareware software in the category Desktop developed by Huawei Technologies., Ltd. The latest version of huawei AnyOffice VPN is currently unknown. It was initially added to our database on 02/15/2014. UA, operation succeeded, Click here to view. The employee enters the account and password.

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- Huawei Anyoffice mobile security solution provides a balanced solution between employee needs and company policy compliance. The solution not only enables employees to access their company s intranet at any time, at any location, from any device, but also ensures strong security protection. AnyOffice Security: Access the latest firmware, download and update. In the office-based scenario, the SVN and sacg interwork through Common Open Policy Service (cops) to perform operations, including user permission policy delivery and user authentication. Products List, component, product, mobile client, anyOffice Agent.

Huawei AnyOffice VPN.1.1052 version.1.1052 by Huawei

- This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. This data is about huawei AnyOffice VPN.1.1052 version.1.1052 alone. These challenges include: how to seamlessly and quickly transfer business to a mobile environment, how to avoid the high cost of in-house development, and how to cope with a highly complex mobile environment. Users can simultaneously work and play Web games on the same mobile devices.

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- How to uninstall huawei AnyOffice VPN.1.1052 from your computer using Advanced Uninstaller PRO huawei AnyOffice VPN.1.1052 is an application by Huawei Technologies., Ltd. Sometimes, computer users want to remove this program. Enjoy Guaranteed Mobile Security with Huawei s AnyOffice Mobile Security Solution. Tightly integrated Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Unified Security Policy Management with single sign-on capability make communicating and accessing IT resources simple, safe, and convenient for mobile employees. AnyOffice(Data amp; VPN document List soft, resource_type_news.

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- The solution features Layer 3 Virtual Private Network (L3 VPN) and Layer 4 Virtual Private Network (L4 VPN. Huawei AnyOffice VPN is used by 2 users of Software Informer. The most popular versions of this product among our users are:.1 and.0. The sandbox separates enterprise data from personal data and encrypts enterprise data with strong algorithms to protect data confidentiality. Background, in 2012, 20 of global employees brought their own mobile devices to work, such as the iPhone, iPad, or Android based devices. Moreover, it is fairly difficult to graft security and management policies based on traditional PCs onto mobile devices, especially mobile devices belonging to employees.

AnyOffice Intelligent Mobile Access Client, anyOffice is the only mobile client that connects the user and the network/application. Nually recorded information must also be stored. The loss of a single mobile office device not only indicates the potential leaking of confidential business information, but also possibly incurs law violations. Select another product to view multimedia documents. AnyOffice encapsulates and encrypts mail requesting packets and sends them to the SVN through the SSL tunnel. Value to the Customer e solution supports more than 2000 employees for preventive maintenance. These resources are placed in the authentication domain. This significantly simplifies the development process and tremendously lowers costs. Correspondingly, when the intranet mail server sends packets back to the USG, the USG inspects and filters the packets, and sends the packets to the SVN for VPN encapsulation and encryption. The sacg detects that the visitor is not permitted to access the authentication domain. The terminal device has four handshakes with the AP/AC through the 802.11i protocol to negotiate the wireless communication key, securing the wireless communication. It initiates an application-layer VPN tunnel to the mobile access network of an enterprise and protect data transmission when employees run Web Apps on their mobile devices. Per-app Tunnel, the per-app tunnel function secures data transmission, and the dedicated security protocol stack supports all TCP and UDP applications. The SVN authenticates the visitor and instructs the sacg to permit the visitor's terminal to access the authentication domain. If an enterprise employee has started AnyOffice and passed the authentication, the process is as follows: AnyOffice senses that the current network is the enterprise intranet. Ploy a firewall, SVN gateway, MDM platform, and mobile preventive maintenance system in the information center. The secure, sandboxed SDK helps enterprises integrate mobile security functions, including application-layer VPN tunnel, local file encryption and decryption, and local data encryption and decryption. Carrier-Class Mobile Threat Prevention, at the border of the enterprise network, Huawei carrier-class USG firewalls provide in-depth protection at the network side. E solution greatly saves the workload required to record and transfer plenty of information, and therefore saves costs. Figure 2-1 shows the networking diagram for the office-based scenario. If the authentication succeeds, the AP/AC permits the terminal device to access the dhcp server and the SVN gateway. The terminal device automatically sends the user name and password to the radius server during authentication. AnyOffice provides rich APIs, software, and development tools for implementing secure access to both personal and enterprise assets from the same device, with user-friendly graphical interfaces.

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