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Logging in to Citrix and Business Objects - oregon

Oregon Department of Human Services

- Citrix Access Gateway for, oregon, dHS - Windows Internet Explorer File Edit YieA Favorites look Help Web Gallery Favorites. Login orca Citrix Access Gateway for, oregon, dHS, home Read Mail, oregon, department of Human Services. On t OFS 164277. To logoff of Citrix, select the logoff button. Flagged as Logged-In If the user attempts to log in and the system notices that the user's ID is still flagged as currently logged in, a pop-up window will display. Select the reason for logging in again from the list: Bad News Message.

Oregon DHS Staff Tools

- 18 SC 1 cal. Follow, dHS and stay up to date on the latest news. Oregon, health Plan, Mental Health and Addictions services can be found on the. Citrix Main-page The citrix Main-page will allow the user to access the Cornerstone system. Windows will begin configuring the online plug-in.

State of Oregon: Oregon Department of Human Services

- Oregon, health Authority website. Housing Assistance can be found on the. Oregon, housing and Community Services website. The Tools pop-up window will display. Click the, add button. User name (The User name will be 'st' ).

Gov' entered in the "Add this website text box. The system will display the main-page. The system will take the user directly to the main citrix application screen anytime the user logs in after the installation. Gov will be added to the user Compatibility view. Internet Explorer Security. . The Cornerstone system will close. The user must try to log into the same machine that was used when the problem occurred. Citrix Receiver - Security Warning The user may encounter a Citrix Receiver - Security Warning. The citrix Access Gateway Login screen will display. Logging into Vstone System, this section provides information about logging into the Vstone system. Dhsoha offers a wide variety of training for employees, managers, providers and community partners. The pop-up window contains a list of reasons why this situation may have occurred. Alt ' key and press the '. Let's celebrate Oregon's beauty. If the user attempts to log into a different machine, an error message will display. Vstone operates from an online citrix Access Gateway. It is best to select a reason and continue back into Cornerstone and then exit properly. OR Press Esc to close the system without making a selection.

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