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Virtual private network vPN ), imperial

Provide, vPN access to external contractors, imperial

- Virtual private network vPN ). ICT recommends that you use Remote Desktop. Gateway or cloud-based/public-facing services where possible. If you wish to allow external contractors to access the College network remotely, they must connect via the Contractor VPN Service. You login as normal, you will see all your desktop items as normal, you will have all your programs available, as well as mapped network drives, printers, and your Outlook configuration.

Accessing services when off campus

- Instructions for remote access to the. College network for external contractors. Imperial staff and students can access the College network remotely using the standard, vPN connection instructions. No and click on, next. Click, map Network Drive. Please note that having your e-mail setup on more than one machine will not delete anything from your mailbox (unless you choose to delete it) or affect it in any way.

VPN guide for Windows 7/8 Faculty of Medicine

- Request access to the Contractor. Please note that although ICT provides instructions for using. VPN it is not recommended for a number of security reasons. In the, folder box, type the path of the shared folder (see above for common paths). You can then rename the connections and modify their connection settings.

Permanent access, if you want to make it easier to access the folder, do the following: Open Computer by clicking the, start button and then clicking. Click on Start, click on Windows Security, click on Shut Down, choose Shut Down from the list and click on Ok to switch off your office computer. Click on the Close button: You will return to the Network and Sharing Center. Start and select, control Panel instead. This icon can be used to connect/disconnect from the VPN. . General enquiries For any enquiries related to the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, please contact: 44 (0) @Imperial_IDE For internal staff IT support Useful information about the IT systems within the department. All you need to be able to use VPN is an internet connection. If your PC is not switched on you can use the Wake my PC service to remotely wake. You can either use Outlook Web Access, or you can setup Outlook on the machine you are using by following this guide. Click on the Change adapter settings link (or Manage network connections link in Vista Under the Virtual Private Network section, right click on dide VPN and click on Properties : Windows 7 users : Click on the Security. IT folder in your, tMP drive and ask any member of dide IT for the PIN code to install. VPN also allows you to use Remote Desktop to remotely login to your office computer, allowing you to use programs that may be installed on it that you do not have on your remote machine. ASK ICT request form. The information below is relevant only to members of the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology. By relying on the use of VPN for our services, we either exclude or place customers in these locations at risk. You can even leave programs running on your office computer, and when you Remote Desktop to it, you will see the programs as you left them. Complete our, electronic contractor VPN form to request access. Only Imperial staff and students can access the College network remotely using the standard VPN connection instructions. Control Panel, simply double click on, network and Sharing Center Click on, setup a connection or network: Click. Examples include BBC iPlayer or Netflix, or other traffic which is legitimate at home, but not permitted. Some examples of popular shared folders are: servernamehomesyourusername - Your Q: drive servernametmp - The T: temp drive servernamepcd - The PCD group folder (P: drive) servernamesci - The SCI group folder (S: drive). The installation will typically takes a few minutes to complete and there are several popup confirmation boxes, just keep accepting the default settings. . VPNs may be rate-limited and therefore suffer from an unreliable or poor performing connection.

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