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Input Director - Software KVM to Control Multiple Computers

How am I able to use Input Director when one machine

- 2.13 Is Input Director compatible with VPN Clients? It is common for VPN Clients, when they are active, to block network traffic to local networks. This is usually a security policy setting and is done to stop data "leaking" between the VPN and the local area network. If you are recording a macro that you wish to play on multiple machines, it is best to keep it as short and as simple as possible. To be able to change it again you must bring up the Global Preferences tab in Input Director and click the Information Window "Reset" button.

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- If this policy is in place, Input Director won't be able to operate. A VPN just opens up a new way to access the Internet, either for some sites or for all sites. It's up to the VPN software how it handles this. The slave is shutdown, hibernated or rebooted A slave's skip flag will be cleared if: A skipped slave has been switched to by using its hotkey. 4.2   How can I quickly clear the 'skip' status of a slave? This is a handy shortcut as it means that if you have just switched a slave's machine on and you want to clear its skip flag, all you need do is hotkey across.

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- If you want to ensure that your machine is not accessible to the outside world, then I suggest installing a firewall. Input Director supports a shared clipboard - copy on one computer, switch control, and paste Input Director is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows XP(SP3). The systems must be networked. Input Director was written by Shane Richards. Have a look at your computers manual (particularly if you have a manual for its motherboard) to find the relevant setting for your system.

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- Input Director.4.3 now available! Basically your VPN server can override the client and blow up all kinds of local client settings (default gateway, routing tables, local LAN access). I guess the idea is by default you probably don't want some unknown network connecting in to your corporate network. If you find that the game appears to be running okay, but you are unexpectedly transitioning from one system to another when using the mouse, you can temporarily turn off the screen-edge transitions (that is, when the cursor switches. Input Director is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows XP(SP3).

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- Clipboard paste failed; unable to retrieve clipboard data from remote system Showing 1-5 of 5 messages. Clipboard paste failed; unable to retrieve clipboard data from remote system: Eric_T: 12/13/10 12:35 AM: Input Director Version.2.2 (Build 76). Keep getting slave didn't respond, verify on master that ID is in the. The slave machine is switched on or restarts after a reboot/hibernation On the "Master Configuration" tab, you can set Input Director on the Master so on startup all slaves default to being skipped. Input Director can use Wake-On-Lan to: Awaken a slave system when attempting to transition to it Awaken all slave systems when the master system is powered on or resumed (this is a configurable option found under the Advanced Master Preferences.

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- If you can ping but Input Director slaves aren't responding it sounds. VPN client's (due to their security policies) can also block with local network traffic. I have the exact same problem. To setup a held key, open up Input Director on the master and switch to the "Master Preferences" tab. If Word needs to transform the information into a different format first, then that can take some time. To specify the monitors on your master system click the "Master Monitor Setup" button.

To avoid this occuring, all slaves need to have data security activated. On the Master Configuration panel (on a Master system) a slave can be marked as skipped such as is the case with the slave "bob" in the example below: Skipping can be used to "skip" over. The rule of thumb is the you must be able to use Windows Explorer to navigate to the network share on the other computer and manually copy the files. One system must be enabled as the Master (and its ID icon will be red) and the rest as slaves (ID icons are green) On the Master, open the "Master Configuration" tab on Input Director, and click the "Scan Slaves" button. If you power on your Master before your slave system, the master can attempt to communicate with the slave before the slave has finished booting and finding its not available, mark it as one to 'skip'. 3.9   Master Configuration issue - When I add a slave, Input Director informs me that the slave is this system and I need to add a different computer? 2.8   Does Input Director ever "phone home" (connect to a remote server)? To use auto-switching every system has to have both its master and slave configuration set. Manage all your computers at once. If you did want to use an alternate location, the Windows policy restriction will need to be changed (more information can be found here: User Account Control: Only elevate UIAccess applications that are installed in secure locations ). 3.4   Why does the cursor return to the master with 'slave unresponsive' messages? Some technical information about Wake-On-Lan can be found in the Wikipedia here. Alternatively you can specify to Input Director which monitor icon represents which physical monitor by using Windows monitor identification numbers. If this doesn't work then enter the full name (e.g. Drag the monitor icons so that they match the physical arrangement of the monitors attached to this computer: The example above demonstrates a master system that has 3 monitors attached with 2 monitors next to each other and the. It can be downloaded from the Input Director web site m, return to top,. 4.0   How can I control a slave before I have logged into it? 5.1   What does a green tick next to a slave's name mean? This is advantageous if you want to activate a macro on one of your computers as Input Director's macros can be bound to a specific master/slave system. The usage guide covers startup options in more detail. Simultaneously lock all computers, import/Export Input Director configuration and apply configuration updates from the command line. Nb: Disabling screen-edge transitions won't inhibit transitions via hotkeys between slaves and the master. Wait until it's fully asleep and then click the "Wake Computer" button. 7.3   Shared Copy/Paste isn't working Ensure that both systems (the one you're copying from and pasting to) have the "shared clipboard" checkbox selected (found on the Global Preferences tab in the Input Director application) On the slave computer.

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