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How to configure SSL VPN for Mac OS X - Sophos Community

Installing Sophos Home on Mac computers Sophos Home Help

- Applies to the following, sophos products and versions, sophos. Prerequisites This article requires that you have already set up an SSL. VPN, remote Access tunnel on your, sophos. A access your hidden tray icons, b). See Related information below for additional troubleshooting.

Installing Sophos Endpoint Security for Mac OS X - IT Services

- How to configure SSL, vPN for, mac. You can configure SSL. OS X using Tunnelblick, vPN client by following the steps below. You can additionally change the connection name, target host and enable additional options as required. Allowed user ith, users who are allowed to connect using the configured Sophos Connect client.

Sophos XG Firewall: Sophos Connect Client - Sophos Community

- Home Premium and Free mac ) Before installing, sophos. Home, make sure that you: Have. Sophos account to access, sophos. Sophos Firewall, download, go to, vPN Sophos Connect client. Preshared key : Authenticate endpoints using the secret known to both endpoints. If you are a student, open the g folder and locate the, sophos Installer file.

On the user's workstation, install the Sophos Connect Client (i for Windows or Sophos g for Mac) that was downloaded earlier. The guid is saved in a file called scvpn. Preshared key, authentication to use for the connection. In this editor, add/modify/delete the networks as required for your VPN setup. Install Sophos Anti-Virus License screen, read the license agreement and then click. The Tunnel All option will automatically be disabled. Disable the default disconnection behaviour on the XG firewall. Preshared key (Enter the Preshared key enter the Preshared key. Note: Sophos Connect client works on IPsec VPN. To do this, create a firewall rule with VPN as the source zone and WAN as the destination zone. It establishes highly secure, encrypted VPN tunnels for off-site employees. . Set Client DNS Suffix If enabled, the specified DNS suffix will be issued to clients when they connect. Wait for the installation to finish. Sophos Connect client, enable, enables the Sophos Connect client. Note: There is an option to configure a static IP assignment for the remote users connecting via the Sophos Connect Client. Applies to: Sophos Home Premium and Free (Mac). Sophos Connect client is a VPN software that runs on Microsoft Windows 7 with "Convenience rollup" (Service Pack 2) update and later, and Mac.12 and later.

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