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Huawei HG8245H Configuration Guide OpenDNS

How to Set Up WAN on HG8245H - Huawei Enterprise Support

- Log in to the. Huawei, router, configuration page by entering the following IP into your URL bar. The default login is: Login. In this guide we will be explaining how to open a port on the Huawei HG8245H router. Home guides » How to Setup L2TP VPN on Huawei Router.

Huawei EchoLife HG8245H Knowledge Base FAQ - Huawei

- Navigate to LAN dhcp Server. Check Enable primary dhcp server. Check Enable dhcp L2Relay (May be labeled. The standard address of the router's config. Now that you have accessed your Huawei  routers admin page, lets start our L2TP VPN configuration process.

How to Forward Ports in a Huawei HG8245H Router

- Hey guys, i just installed a new brand of huawei HG8245H, and when i want to set a new WAN, i can t do itdo you can help me with it? I ll insert the pic. This site uses cookies. Login to your Huawei HG8245H router. Was this article helpful? We also have the following related guides: Pick the guide that most closely matches your router.

How to Setup L2TP VPN on Huawei Router

- By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Huawei EchoLife HG8245H is a routing-type ONT in the. Huawei all-optical access solution. The name does not matter so pick something that has meaning to you. You are definitely not alone if this sounds difficult. 2- Make sure that your Huawei  router supports L2TP VPN protocol.

This port checking tool is the only one online that has Guaranteed Results. F- In the, pPP username field, insert your VPN username. The high forwarding performance ensures the user experience of voice, data, and HD video services, and provides customers with an ideal all-optical access solution and future-oriented service support capability. G- In the PPP password field, insert your VPN password. Step 3 It is now time to locate the port forwarding section of your router. Click dhcp on the expanded menu. Submit a request, return to top, related articles. Please write down your current DNS settings before switching to OpenDNS, in case you want to return to your old settings for any reason. 8 out of 12 found this helpful. First, let's discuss the, huawei HG8245H firewall. If you're having trouble finding the IP address remember that sometimes a router's IP Address is called the computer's default gateway. 3- Adjust the L2TP settings as follows: A- Check, enable L2TP LAC. Our software does everything that you need to forward a port. When you are done click the Apply button. (If you have forwarded port 80 to another machine, the location becomes :8080.).

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